Research & Development

The technical staff at Myriad has extensive knowledge and experience with engineering materials, manufacturing processes, coatings, and product design. As one of our customers, you will be able to draw on that database to assist in your new product design and development.

Myriad also has the required equipment to conduct various optical tests during development and production. Physical measurements and inspections such as leak testing, optical features/functions such as resolution, illumination, depth of field, field of view, distortion, and direction of view can be evaluated.

Myriad has supported the Research & Development community for years by providing assemblies and sub-assemblies designed for experiments and testing. We work closely with Universities and also various research centers to assist our customers with their data collection.

We offer complete documentation support including drawings, Device History Records (DHR), and full traceability records for all medical products.

Design & Development

Myriad’s engineering staff utilizes multiple software programs such as Solidworks, Mastercam, Matlab, etc.

Rapid prototyping

Myriad has many in house services which makes prototyping a same day service. From 3D printing in SLA format to CNC machining, Myriad brings product ideas to life in a matter of hours.