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Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing

Myriad offers various options for 3D printing. From low quantity prototyping to high volume biocompatible production parts, Myriad can bring your product to market without having to spend a fortune on injection molded components.

Origin Production Printer

Programmable Photopolymerization (P³) precisely orchestrates light, temperature, and other conditions, automatically optimizing prints in real-time for the best possible results. Produce features less than 50µm in size with high-accuracy materials. Biocompatible materials are available allowing Myriad to provide production ready parts with minimal to no post processing.

SLA Prototype Printer

Myriad’s SLA prototype printer allows Myriads customers to pick from a wide variety of materials from high temperature, hard plastic, elastic silicones, to smooth mold like plastics.