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Myriad Fiber Imaging strives to offer our customers a complete turn key solution. Myriad not only provides standard and custom CMOS sensor products & components but also offers various back-end controllers for the ultimate visualization system. We sell the circuit boards in raw form or can provide a standard or custom control box. We offer medical grade control boards as well as industrial or evaluation boards. Myriad also has the capabilities to outsource the design and manufacturing of a custom control board while being cost effective. The development of a control board typically takes 6 months.  Please take a look at our standard selection of CMOS sensor control boards.

Medical Grade Control Boards for CMOS Sensors

Myriad’s Medical control board (image to the right) offers a full proof medical solution. This control board  meets the highest medical safety regulations as image data is transmitted safely over an electrically non-conducting border. The camera head electronics allow a separation from the camera controller because of Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) for transfer of digital image data, which facilitates a miniature cable over remote distances to the camera controller. This control board offers patient isolation up to 4 KV it achieves the “BF” Standard”.


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