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Medical Imaging

Myriad is an Industry leader of Medical Endoscopes. As an orginal equipment manufacturer (OEM) that provides a quality custom product we do not sell, or market, any products under our own name or label. Therefore, we do not compete with our customers.

Non-disclosures provide assurances that any and all existing intellectual properties are held confidential, and protected before we begin. Any new intellectual property discovered during the development of your product, belongs exclusively to you.
We offer complete documentation support including Device History records (DHR), and full traceabillity records for all medical products.
  • Medical Endoscope diameters range from .37mm to 5mm.
  • Medical Endoscope lengths range from a couple inches to 30 feet.
  • Myriad designs articulating catheters.


Myriad has a variety of scope bodies,  body materials, laser engravings, couplers, and eyepiece colors to choose from. Custom Endoscopes are designed to your specific requirements:

– Focusable Coupler
– Fixed Eyepiece
– Flexible or Rigid
– Storz, Wolf, ACMI
– Water Proof
– C-Mount

Myriad has manufactured endoscopes for various medical procedures including the following:

  • Arthroscopy (Interior of a Joint)
  • Bronchoscopy (Lower Respritory Tract)
  • Colonoscopy (Small Intestine/ Colon)
  • Epiduroscopy (Spine)
  • Perioscopy ( Dental)
  • Etc.

All of our endoscopes are shipped non-sterile, the customer is responsible for any and all validations, including FDA regulations/ 510k.

Sterilization Methods: Cidex OPA, Sterrad, Steris, ETO, Etc.

Autoclaving methods can be done on special designs.

Operating Temperature: – 40 to 150 degrees Celsius

Number of Uses: Disposable or limited use

Humidity: 0-100%