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Rigid & Semi- Rigid Imaging

Myriad custom designs its rigid and semi-rigid fiber endoscopes to your specification. Rigid endoscopes are usually somewhat larger in diameter and shorter in length than flexible scopes. Rigid scopes are mainly constructed using glass rods and lenses for the imaging elements.

The single most detrimental feature of a rigid scope is that excessive flexing during use will shatter the rods and/or lenses, rendering the device useless. Being rigid also limits the use to ‘straight line’ access; there can be no looking around corners. On multiple occasions, Myriad has been asked to manufacture a short, rigid endoscope, with an unusually small outside diameter of .5mm – 1mm. These endoscopes used flexible image fiber for the image transmission.

  • Rigid scope diameters can range from .5mm to 6mm .
  • Rigid scope lengths can range from 1inch to 5 feet.
  • Sterilizing methods for rigid scopes include autoclaving, as well as all the other usual processes.