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   Flexible Imaging

Myriad custom designs its flexible endoscopes  to your specification. We manufacture a wide variety of scopes with standard or specialty optics. We can provide various types of illumination patterns, different Fields of View, Depths of Field, and Direction of View. Myriad  also has a variety of scope bodies, body materials, laser engravings, couplers, and eyepiece colors to choose from. A more generic term used for these flexible devices is ‘fiberscope’ or ‘micro borescope’.
The imaging component is fused glass/quartz multi-mode fiber.  The flexible scope is obviously not subject to the same bending issues as rigid scopes. In fact, bending is where flexible endoscopes shine; allowing viewing around corners in tight spaces.
  • Micro Borescopes range from .37mm – 5mm in diameter.
  • Micro Borescopes range from a couple of inches to 30 feet in length.
  • Most flexible endoscopes can be sterilized by all the usual methods, except autoclaving.
  • Wolf, Storz, ACMI light post connections.