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Laser Etching - 3 Axis Laser

Myriad offers laser etching services in house. MFI’s 3 axis laser with built in rotary table can engrave full 360 degree designs on various parts. These services are great for product serialization, our software includes the capability to laser etch UDI barcodes for unique identification requirements. MFI utilizes the GS1 Data matrix format for all our medical designs.

Medical Certifications

Myriad can mark your medical products with our laser etching capabilities. From large parts to small dimeter machined parts. We have marked metal, various plastics, and even copper.

Laser Etched Pad Prints

MFI’s 3 Axis laser has the capability to laser etch graduation marks onto small diameter tubing for catheters, cannulas, and articulating shafts. Laser etching is beneficial when the product is sterilized, typically pad marks would be screen printed and can easily dissolve after a few sterilization cycles. The laser etch embeds the marking into the product making it permanent.

Industrial Marking

The capabilities of MFI’s laser is so efficient we will even take on outside industrial engraving. We have successfully engraved Yetti mugs for local shops, trophies, plaques, and even Ipad’s which make for great gifts.