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Product Design & Development

ISO 13485 Design Compliant Control

The team at Myriad brings extensive expertise in the design, development, and manufacturing of medical devices, including ISO 13485 design controls and the ability to create a full DHF to support the regulatory filing process.

Myriad has supported the Research & Development community for years by providing assemblies and sub-assemblies designed for production. We work closely with large Med Device Companies, Universities, and Start Up’s to assist with their data collection and Product Development.

We offer complete documentation support including CAD models, Device History Records (DHR), PFMEA, dFMEA, Device Master Record, Packaging Design, and full traceability records for all medical products.

Visualization Systems

MFI specializes in the design and manufacturing of sub 1mm visualization systems. Although Myriad has a catalogue of designs for larger applications such as 3D otoscopes, spectroscopy probes, ureteroscopes, and much more.

Medical Devices

Small diameter visualization systems, to large underwater camera systems Myriad has a wide array of products and capabilities in the medical industry. Myriad’s number one goal is to change the standard of healthcare!


As CMOS sensors are getting smaller and smaller they seem to be dominating the medical visualization industry. Partner with Myriad to have access to the latest technology available.

Illumination Devices

MFI’s extensive knowledge with glass borosilicate fiber allows us to put light into just about any device. Small diameter LED’s are disrupting the endoscopy market making designs sleeker and cheaper.

Product Conceptualization Leads to Volume Manufacturing

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Why Choose Myriad?

MFI has over 25 years experience with engineering programs, machining, and quality inspection.

Customers come to MFI with ideas, it is Myriads responsibility to bring our customers ideas to commercialization.

From sub-assemblies to full product designs Myriad has the capability to bring your products to life.