Meet The President Of Myriad

John A. Gauvin


Why Choose Myriad?


Myriad has a skilled workforce with a highly developed manufacturing facility.

Customer Service

Myriad strives on customer service. The staff at Myriad will gladly answer your phone calls and respond to e-mails right away.


Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping low volume orders.

Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping high volume orders.

Myriad Fiber Imaging Tech., Inc.

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About Us

Welcome to Myriad Fiber Imaging, your finest choice for imaging systems, contract machining, and contract manufacturing. Myriad is an OEM supplier of imaging and illumination systems. We specialize in engineering, developing, and manufacturing, products of the highest quality available.

Our area of expertise is in the engineering of custom endoscopes with diameters less than one millimeter, including image scopes with diameters ranging between a half millimeter, and 5 millimeters; and as short as a few inches, to as long as 40 feet.

Myriad is a proud distributor of Fujikura Image Fiber

Myriad is also a proud distributor of Omnivision Image Sensors.

As an OEM contract manufacturer and major manufacturer of medical products, we do not sell, or market, any products under our own name or label. Therefore, we do not compete with our customers. Non-disclosures provide assurances that any and all existing intellectual properties are held confidential, and protected before we begin. Any new intellectual property discovered during the development of your product, belongs exclusively to you.

We look forward to assisting you in reaching your goals; journey with us into the leading edges of science, technology, and creative thinking. Let us know when you will be in the area, and we can arrange for you to visit us; take a facility tour, and meet with our team.

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Myriad Fiber Imaging is able to provide our customers with consistently high quality products for two reasons: our excellent staff, and our well-organized facilities.

Our staff of trained manufacturing technicians, engineers, machinists, and inspectors, has a broad range of knowledge, skills and experiences. Qualification and training records are documented and archived for all Myriad employees. Several of our employees have many years experience working in the fiberoptic’s industry. That experience includes not just image scopes and illumination systems, but also fused faceplates, tapers, micro-channel plates, light pipes, and detectors as well. We are knowledgeable in a number of manufacturing technologies; including machining, stamping, molding, welding, and coatings. Through the years we have produced our customer’s medical and industrial products by processing various materials such as: different glasses and either glass or plastic fibers, ceramics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, engineering plastics, and a variety of adhesives.


Our facilities at Myriad encompass approximately 18,000 square feet; distributed over two buildings. The four floors of the two structures are home to our management offices, manufacturing space, a machine shop (including several CNC lathes with bar feeders, and a CNC vertical machining center), assembly and test areas, an inspection room, inventory storage, and a set of temperature controlled rooms for the assembly of lensed fibers. When we expanded in 2009, by adding building two, the building was designed, and sized, to accommodate the existing business levels, and for potential future growth too.

As you can see, we are not only ready and willing, but very adequate to take on your projects; and turn them into success stories for you, and for Myriad.

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Incorporated in 1995, Myriad Fiber Imaging has developed into an innovative leader in the medical and industrial markets for small diameter, flexible image scopes, and illumination systems. John A. Gauvin is the CEO of Myriad, a family owned corporation.

Myriad prides itself on the engineering of custom endoscopes, light guides, and top notch contract work; with the utmost quality, to maintain our outstanding reputation.

Our Best Skills

Micro Assembly100%
R & D100%
Custom Engineering100%
Quality Control100%
Medical Devices100%

Our Beloved Clients


"We just completed the scope evaluation and it passed with flying colors. Thank you so much for the good work and the timely delivery. As always your company delivered the best product in quality and performance".

A.Z. Medical Company, President

"Thank you very much for all of your effort in getting us to this point. Your work on the manufacturing of this endoscope is definitely shinning through and I think many, many physicians will benefit from this technology."

C.H. Medical Company, Sr. Engineer

"I really enjoy collaborating with the knowledgeable staff at Myriad, and appreciate their input and guidance. The parts that your machine shop provide are always to print, and delivered on time. The additional services such as plating, painting, welding, and assembly, provide a one-stop-shopping opportunity for me. This saves me a lot of time and effort".

Advanced Technical Development - consultant, CEO