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Product Development

A Myriad of design services are offered at MFI, such as Optics, Electronic Design, CMOS Imaging, Fiber Optic Imaging and light transmission.

Contract Manufacturing

Partner with MFI to utilize our 18,000 sqaure foot facility with state of the art equipment & over 25 years of experienced technicians & engineers to help launch your product.

ISO 13485 Certified

Our commitment is our quality, Myriad strives to exceed our customers expectations. Being an ISO 13485 certified facility for over 20 years has shaped Myriads core foundation on focusing in healthcare products but not limited to government and industrial contracts.

CMOS Imaging

CMOS imaging is rapidly advancing, allowing MFI to manufacture “chip on tip” visualization devices with high image quality, and low cost.

Image Processing

Partner with Myriad for assistance in the design, development, and manufacturing of fully patient isolated camera control units. Custom post processing algorithms to enhance your imaging device.

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Electronic Assembly & Design

MFI has extensive experience designing and assembling electronic medical devices. From small diameter CMOS endoscopes with 0201 LED’s to Advanced image processing systems.

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CMOS Imaging

Micro Soldering co-ax cables to .65mm image sensors, custom PCB’s for easy SMD assembly. Choose myriad as your CMOS imaging partner.

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CNC Machining

Get quick turnaround quotes on CNC machining, turning, milling, laser etching, on various metals and plastics. MFI machines optical coupler, eyepieces, and much more.

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Micro Optics

Micro optics assembly has been a specialty of Myriad’s for over 20 years. MFI’s catalogue of lenses range from .25mm to over 10mm in diameter. Myriad is able to offer the worlds smallest borescope with a .37mm diameter.

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