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Focusing Optical Couplers

Myriad offers focusing optical couplers that act as a bridge  between a scope and its camera. These couplers can be mounted with a c-mount eye cup, or other custom interface. Eyecups, with or without focusing, can be used for direct viewing by eye.

Advancements in optics have driven the progress of invasive surgery to high definition imaging systems, myriad’s couplers adapt the high resolution image to create a clean and crisp image that is used as a standard in surgeries every day.


Call for Pricing

  • Soakable for sterilization/ Ethylene Oxide Gas (ETO)
  • Eye cup or C-mount interface
  • Compatiable with CMOS technology
  • Compatiable with 1/4′ ‘,1/3’ ‘, 1/2’ ‘, CCD Chips

∗ Custom optic designs can be made to your specifications.